It's 5.56 Somewhere

The gun is hot and that old Glock
Is firin' slow, but it's just nine
Range time passes, safety glasses
Settling for pistol practice time

Gotta pay by the hour
Box of ammo every minute
My budget just went
Over the limit

I could switch to credit
Think I'll just call it a day

I want something for my rifle.
Hop in my car, missing my AR
It's only half past twelve. But I don't care
There's five five six somewhere

After writing this bit of song parody, I'm wondering if my design should have been "There's 5.56 Somewhere" instead of "It's 5.56 Somewhere." Oh well, perhaps the design is for the happy moment when you find a good deal on a case of 5.56, and your AR doesn't have to sit alone anymore.