Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Huggable Hippo Clock

I think maybe I haven't really added anything to my shop since I had kids, and it needs a lot of work. I'm hoping to change that now. I'm starting to work on some new designs, but I have to get a few things sorted out first. I'm also working on some game designs, and studying, so it might take a little while. For now, let's look back at some of my past designs which are still available.

It's not selling as much anymore, but for years this clock design was my number one seller:
Classic Huggable Hippo Clock

The "Classic Huggable Hippo Clock" featured a hippo I originally created for a birthday card I made my wife. Because this clock was selling well, I did a couple of updated versions, which I thought looked nicer:
New Blue Hippo Clock
New Pink Hippo Clock

I'm not sure why, but the updated designs never sold much, but the classic design continued to sell. I believe it had to do with the dynamics of the CafePress site, which had already given my classic clock a high ranking if someone searched for a hippo clock.

I find myself left with two even greater questions: Can a clock can really be huggable? And is there a way to attach a full sized hippo to the wall?

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